Los Tigres Del Norte

The world’s most popular conjunto norteño, Los Tigres del Norte have roots in Mexico but started their recording career with Discos Fama in San Jose. Led by Jorge Hernández, Los Tigres have shared stories and songs of everyday Mexican and Mexican American life. In the process, they have introduced norteño music to the world, filling stadiums and selling out concerts everywhere they go. In 2007, the group won the Latin Recording Academy’s Lifetime Achievement Award and in 2014 became the first norteño band to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

More Keepers of the Flame

These keepers of the flame have achieved extraordinary success by fusing traditional and contemporary influences. In the process, they have become household names both within and beyond the Mexican American community. Their music continues to resonate with audiences today, even as a new crop of California-based artists rises to put their own stamp on Mexican American music.