Homenaje A Rubén Salazar

By Lalo Guerrero (Colonial 596), 1971

On August 29, 1970, as protestors called for an end to the Vietnam War, 30,000 demonstrators representing a variety of Mexican American organizations assembled in East Los Angeles. Called the Chicano Moratorium, it is believed to be the largest anti-war protest by an ethnic group in U.S. history. Salazar was the news director of Spanish-language KMEX-TV and a columnist for the Los Angeles Times when he covered the protest. He died after being struck in the head by a tear gas projectile fired by a Los Angeles sheriff’s deputy at the Silver Dollar bar. 

Rubén Salazar is dead
They killed a good man
on a Saturday afternoon
but he left us his ideals


El 29 De Agosto
Ni me quisiera acordar
Fue cuando perdió la vida
Nuestro Rubén Salazar

Rubén Salazar ha muerto
Un Sábado por la tarde
Mataron a un hombre bueno
Pero dejó sus ideales

En el Canal 34
Por cierto muy popular
Fue director de noticias
Nuestro Rubén Salazar

El Proyectó una doctrina
Para la escuela bilingüe
El Peleaba los derechos
Para su raza de orígen

Estuvo en Santo Domingo
También estuvo en Vietnam
Allá escribió sus columnas
Para el Los Angeles Times

Adiós todos mis amigos
La comunidad entera
Ay les dejo mis ideales
No importa que yo me muera


It was the 29th of August
I don’t want to remember it
That was when he lost his life
Our Rubén Salazar

Rubén Salazar has died
On a Saturday afternoon
They killed a good man
But he left us his ideals

On channel 34
Which was very popular
He was the news director
Our Ruben Salazar

The Project was a doctrine
For bilingual education
He fought for the rights
for his countrymen

He was in Santo Domingo
As well as Vietnam
There he wrote his column
For the Los Angeles Times

Farewell to all my friends
The whole community
I leave you my ideals
It doesn’t matter if I die

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